Seek Process: Seek Supply Chain WHO (natural dyeing)

When I started Seek Collective, I was working as a designer for large brands and was completely removed from the production process, including from those who were actually making the clothes. It took me many years to build the supply chain that is now the foundation of Seek Collective today—one that is marked by transparency and close working relationships with everyone involved. Over the years, the people I partner with have become very dear to me on a personal level. These relationships are what keep me motivated each day. The supply chain for apparel is very long and dynamic if you truly speak to every aspect involved. I've always believed it is crucial to remember that at each step of the way, there are people involved. People with families, favorite TV shows, and various interests and hobbies—unique individuals who, if you met in person, you would most likely find a connection with. This next Seek Process series is all about these people. My hope is you will remember that many of them played a role in creating your garment, and that remembering this makes what you wear even more special.

In this series, we will highlight one manufacturer at a time. First up are some of the wonderful people who work at our natural dyeing unit.

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