Seek Process: Moving into Capsules

The last year has held a great deal of change both for the business and for me. It has included moving (we moved to a new factory and I moved to a new home) and a reevaluation of how to move forward (what to keep and what to leave behind). One major decision was to make Seek Collective less wholesale driven and more focused on selling directly to customers. While for now we will still be carried with some special stores, there will be far more product exclusive to our website, Seek Salons, and events. 

This shift feels right to me for a lot of reasons and not just because the apparel industry is shifting that way as a whole. For one, making the connection of who and how the clothes are made with the people wearing them has always been really important to me as well as a foundation of the brand. We are better able to tell the story and be transparent in our production when connecting directly to our customers. Cutting down on wholesale also means we are able to bring the prices down but keep the same quality and integrity as there won’t be additional mark ups necessary for wholesale.

This move also means that we don’t have to adhere to the outdated wholesale calendar in how we design and when we launch new styles. Starting with Spring 2019 we will start launching new product in small capsules every few weeks. Each season will still have one overarching inspirational theme but will also be broken down into smaller, focused, and exciting stories.

To get everyone excited about what’s to come over the next few months, I’m sharing the mood and inspiration boards for each capsule launching between March and June. This season was inspired by a feeling of freedom and relaxation, time spent in Tuscany, the movement of water versus the grounding of earthen clay, the film The English Patient (one of my favorite movies!), written Tibetan chants, and the work of artist Anne Kyle.

xo, Carol







exciting! awesome to see the inspo.

Tishon April 02, 2019


Lynn Ryan April 02, 2019

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