Seek Inspiration: Autumn/Winter 2020

When I began thinking of Autumn/Winter in the first few months of the year, I kept coming back to interiors that felt both cozy but also spacious. I was longing for things that felt clean, sparse, but also comforting.  At the same time, couldn't shake off an obsession with a gorgeous shade of rust our natural dyers had created some time ago, which I still had a sample of. This led me to fall back in love with Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings of canyons. The shades of pinks and earth mesmerizing. 

By the time the pandemic started stateside, I was also feeling utterly burnt out from previous years and was ready for a more quiet lifestyle. Things felt subdued as cases rose.  There was batch of twill that had been naturally dyed black. Our dyers were not happy with the outcome because it had a washed softer look to the shade but I loved it as it was not harsh and it fit my mood. It reminded me of vintage textiles that had stories to tell through their fibers.

The return of the Festa stripe fabric came as a needed sense of joy and cheer. Colors and textures that broke away from the rest of the more restrained palette. I was reminded of Ellsworth Kelly's Austin chapel with the different colors of square stained glass. Unexpected but still sophisticated and fun simultaneously. 

By the time Spring rolled around I knew we would need to produce a good deal less than planned for this season because of production delays and because of how much uncertainly surrounded.  This felt good to do, it felt healthier to produce less and focus on timeless pieces. Pieces comfortable enough to throw on and wear at home but versatile enough to also wear out and about, if not now then later on when it felt right. It's how I plan to continue working as well.

with love, Carol 

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