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It's about time we introduced ourselves! Community is at the heart of Seek Collective, and that includes the team that helps run the day-to-day of our small biz. Click below for flash interviews with the crew (and snag their book/movie/travel recs).CAROL
Carol is the Founder and creative genius behind Seek Collective. Carol, an introverted Aquarius spends any free time she has in her garden, on hikes with her dog Brisket or baking focaccia. She started Seek Collective with a passion for global artisan communities and crafts and with a goal of producing clothing in ways that empowers all those involved with care for the Earth. She is currently binging Vera, Shetland and UK Love Island. She describes her style as playful, sophisticated, eclectic, utilitarian with some prep. She loves listening to the podcast Crime Junkies and watching any Harry Potter movie. The last book Carol read was The Well-Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart-Smith. Her ideal vacation includes either exploring a place through immersing herself in that culture or going somewhere remote in nature to catch up on rest. Her favorites have been India, Mexico City, Paris, Morocco, and she hopes to explore Japan one day soon. Carol always wants to support and promote what true sustainable and socially responsible fashion production is and in doing so highlight and encourage the people involved. Carol’s hope is to make Seek Collective successful so that all those she works with benefit. For 2022, Carol is hoping to finally travel some this year! She wants to continue working on getting my health in shape (starting allergy shots this year). She also hopes to dedicate more time to reading. JULIA
Julia is the Ecommerce & Brand Relations Manager at Seek Collective who does it all from managing products to overseeing partnerships! Julia is a runaway scientist from Missouri who made her way to New York to work in fashion. She's a designer, seamstress, marketing guru, lover of all things pink, and collector of treasures from the past. Julia is an extroverted Pisces who describes her style as glam, groovy, and feminine with a classic bent. She dreams of owning her own shop one day with a mix of her own designs and vintage pieces. Julia loves to watch Sex & the City, Love Island UK and The Office. She loves The Office so much; she’s even listening to the podcast Office Ladies! Her favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and What a Way to Go. Her current book obsession is her new coffee table book The Art of Bob Mackie. Her dream vacation is either an iconic city like Paris when she’s feeling adventurous or a warm beach when she wants to relax. For 2022, Julia wants to travel again when it's safe to do so, focus on personal growth, and try new things!

Sean is a Strategy Consultant and Seek Collective’s CFO! He is a Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp and is a nice balance of extrovert and introvert. He describes his style as easy. Sean is currently binging Ozark and Lost in Space and loved the new Spiderman movie. Another favorite movie of his is Cinderella Man. He recently read All the Light We Cannot See and listened to Seth Rogan’s Yearbook on audio and loved them both. Sean’s ideal vacation is sitting on a beach, preferably Anguilla. This year he’s hoping to keep it simple and sleep a little more. BRENNA
Brenna, Seek’s copywriter, is a writer and editor who found her way to brand storytelling and content creation by way of theater, creative writing, and book publishing. She describes her style as modern vintage/classic with a touch of edge. She is an extroverted Aries/Rooster who loves to watch Broadchurch and The Sopranos. She recently read The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrente and is listening to the podcast Meltdown. Her favorite movies are In the Mood for Love and True Romance. If Brenna could go on vacation, she’d want to explore a new city, ideally for a week or more so she can really get to know it. Her favorite places so far have been Jaipur, Saigon and Mexico City. Next up is hopefully Berlin or Naples! Brenna loves creative, community-oriented teamwork, whether that’s producing a play or helping build a brand. She’s excited to follow her passion and see where it leads! For 2022, she’s hoping to travel when it’s safe, read more, learn floral design and spend time with friends and loved ones. SHIVANGI
Shivangi is the mastermind behind all of Seek’s production. Shivangi's education and professional background has been in luxury management, but after a few years of working in the retail sector, she wanted to move towards the creative process of the industry. She loves creating products that are made sustainably. Her goal is to provide vocational training to more and more women each year and employ them in creating conscious products. She wants to help in the education of her kids to uplift their livelihood. She is a Virgo/Monkey who describes her style as comfortable, chic, fun and minimal. She is currently watching Schitt’s Creek, Master of None and The Bold Type and listening to the podcasts Indian Family Business and Let’s Do Shots. The last books she read and loved were Shoe Dog, Educated, Stationary Shop of Tehran, The Last Queen and so many more! Shivangi dreams of going anywhere near the beach where she could swim and dive, read peacefully and get good vegetarian food! Or explore ancient countries like Jordan, Morocco, Egypt. Her all-time favorite spot is Italy for the food and wine.  For 2022, she wishes to travel and spend some time away from home. She wishes to start a social initiative project and dedicate her time to that. She also wants to work with more designers and expand her product offerings.KATIE
Katie is the newest to the Seek Collective team as the Director of Operations. Katie is a Bay Area gal through and through. She loves to travel, paint, read and spend time with her two cats! Katie is an extroverted Aries who can’t stop watching Insecure, The Office, Amelie or The Royal Tenenbaums. She describes her style as colorful and cozy - she lives in matching sweatsuits. She recently read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid and The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and couldn’t put them down. When Katie wants to relax, her dream vacation is anywhere near the ocean where she can soak up the sun, read and swim. If she’s feeling adventurous, then she would want to venture to a city with a rich history where she can immerse herself in the culture, go to museums and maybe learn a new language. She absolutely loves France, Mexico and Costa Rica, but next on her bucket list is Mexico City! Katie’s goals this year are to succeed in her new role at Seek and grow with the company, as well as spend time with family, travel, paint and continue working towards becoming fluent in Spanish and French.

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