All Seek Collective packaging, hang tags, and paper products are sourced and produced responsibly.

Seek hang tags are made from recycled cotton waste by a group located in the south-east Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They collect cotton waste, clean it, break it down into a pulp and then use the pulp to make paper. No trees are used, only organic cotton and the process produces near zero emissions.

Whenever possible, paper products–from postcards to lookbooks to care pamphlets–are printed in Berkeley, CA with Greenerprinter, an eco-friendly printing company. The paper used is either partly recycled paper or 100% recycled, and the printing is done with vegetable-based ink or non-toxic ink using wind power energy.

When you order from our webshop, you receive your goods in either a 100% recycled poly mailer or compostable mailer. The mailers can be used a second time and should be put in either the recycling bin or compost when no longer needed. Boxed items arrive in a 100% recycled box made from 95% post-consumer content which can be put in your recycling bin or composted. Our green bubble wrap is 100% renewably sourced, biodegradable and recyclable.